"I draw these images because what the Seleka did was not good. It hurts me when I see what they have done to us. I don't think I can live together with the Seleka and Muslims after what has happened. I want them to leave, they have brought a culture of violence to our community." 

Israel Redangazoui, 16 years old. Bossangoa, Central African Republic on December 19, 2013.

A selection of drawings by adolescent boys in a makeshift classroom at the Bishop's residence in the town of Bossangoa where thousands of Christians were sheltering. Following inter-religious violence in the Central African Republic, the country and it's people have been left fragmented and traumatised after horrific events they witnessed or acted out on their own countrymen. A cycle of revenge attacks between Muslims and Christians continue as interventions by the UN peacekeeping forces and the French military have failed to bring any form of lasting security to the country.

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