The Mumbai Fire Brigade has the distinction of being the first organised fire service in India, created in 1865. Modeled on the London Fire Brigade at the time, even today it offers a window into the past, the officer's uniforms, brass buckles, copper hose heads are, if not all original artifacts from the period, still the best tools for the trade. The protocols and strict code of conduct within the structure of the organisation are also reminiscent of a time past. This colonial renmant also offers an insight into the meshing of old and new values of a rapidly changing India. A fair proportion of new recruits to the force are university educated graduates with degrees within the arts, law and sciences. They are given a secure job with a salary, and a better rate of pay than many of the contracted jobs that new graduates carry out in other sectors. Most call outs, especially during the monsoon period are for tree falls, building collapses and fires. These portraits of fire-fighters were shot in August 2007.

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